Calculus II


GeoGebra Apps

Lecture Notes

How to use MathMl...

    1. Go to

    2. Copy the following MathJax code:

<script src=""></script><script id="MathJax-script" async src=""></script>

    1. Go to Google Sites page.

    2. Paste the code in Embed Code.

    3. Open MS Word.

    4. Format -> Equation Options -> Click “Copy MathML to the clipboard as plain text”

    5. Write your formula in equation editor

    6. Copy the MathML code by simply copying the formula itself.

    7. Go to Google Sites page

    8. Paste the MathML code after your MathJax code.

    9. Delete mml: before <math> at the beginning and delete mml: before </math> at the end of the code.

    10. Add <h1> <p> or other usual HTML tags

    11. Voila!